Samstag, 10. April 2010


Back on my Blog.. welcome everybody

After the BMX WorldCup in Madrid, I spent four more days in Spain for a photoshoot with my new Nicolai BMXTB 4cross bike. Together with Roger Rinderknecht and photographer Hoshi Yoshida we drove down to Barcelona.
First spot was "La Poma bikepark" a really nice park where you can find a lot of different challanges.. nice pumptrack, dirtjumps, 4cross Track, FoamPit and all of that with sea view! Life can be sooo good!
We checked 3 more secret spots for some good riding, shooting and by the way testing my 4cross Baby the first time.. Feels great and i can't wait until the first 4cross Worldcup in 3 weeks!

Came back Thursday put my stuff into the car and then hit the road for de first two bmx Euro rounds of 2010. I felt good and motivated, bad weather worked out in Phoenix already.. so the rain all weekend wasn't the point. Dissapointing results with a 1/4 saturday and a crash in 1/8's for sunday.
Means to me, forget this weekend and look forward!

The tuesday after the race i took a ligament injury in my right foot, witch held me away from training this week. Lucky me, it's not that bad and i think i can start training again this week!

check the pics from Spain

Sonntag, 28. März 2010

a lot going on!!

Welcome back on my blog page!

I'm sorry for the update stop. Just didn't find the time..
So many things were going on during the last two weeks, but i'd like to start with this weekend at the BMX SX WorldCup in Madrid.

After we saw the track i was really happy to see this *Box-Jump* looked so good i was ready to get on the track!!
Practise one showed us that the track was still kind a soft and sticky, so it was even harder to handle it.. My training went really good, no crashes and a lot of confidence for the race day.
My Time-Trial run wasn't perfect, anyway i got 24th place out of 130 riders and was happy with that!
After a good lunch i made my way back to the arena and saw all these people in front of the entrance, so good to see about 2000 people waiting for your race xD

Race started good for me and Switzerland, i got second behind Lapraz.
I did some pretty good moves on second straight witch helped me to get a third and fourth place in the other motos!

photo: Hoshi Yoshida

Quarter was stacked and i had the outside lane, was good to stay away from trouble and with a high low move i came into the fourth place.. SEMI FINAL what a race for me so far!
That was the high goal i set myself and i reached it so i was really pumped!!
Semi was last station for me, again in the outside line but the door wasn't open for me..

Semi starting list..

Great weekend again after the one in Pheonix with a AA Elite semi and podium, now some big UCI points for the ranking!!

At the moment i'm in Barcelona for some 4cross shooting action until thursday and then pretty much directly to Besancon for the first european BMX round.

stay tuned

Samstag, 6. März 2010

season is ON

Wuuuhaaa today was a really big pro race going on at the ABA/ UCI Winternationals in Phoenix AZ.
Everybody showed up out here in the desert, to pull on the good track here!
After friday practise they changed the prosection quite a bit and today was really cool!

Felt pretty good at the Gate with all of these big names around!
Got a second place to start in to the race whitch motivated me a lot, came up with a sixth and a fourth it was tight but i made it to the quarters. Motos here are a bit different than in Europe, you race against different people in every moto!

one of the motos.. as you can see, it was alredy going fast there!

Quarters came up in the hot sun, didn't come out of the gate that good but was able to stay away from small mess in the first corner. Then stayed in fifth behind Bubba Harris until third corner, where we both passed the other guy.. made it into the semi and was really happy with that!

the sheet told me it will need a perfect run go get thru this one.. 4 former WorldChampions at the Gate!

Between Kyle Bennet and Maris Stromberg i had a pretty good gate and was able to get into the pack in the first corner.. came out 5th behind Khalen Young, tried to make a move in the third corner.
But in the end it was a 5th Place in semi, I'm happy with this first race of the season!
Stay tuned for more news, hopefully it doesn't rain to much tomorrow!

Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

race is coming up

A lot of work has to pay out this season, first form check will be the ABA National in Pheonix AZ this weekend.
It's going to be a fun trip with Javier and my new rental Car, the third and last one now, no not an accident i had to change it because my rental is longer than 40 days or something like that.. ;) a new red one, ready to demage haha

Come back and check for some race updates!

And before you're watching to my favorite food.. take a look at the new SRSuntour team page!

6-days left in southern California and i gonna miss plenty things when i come back.. FOOOOOD... Fooood... and food the greatest things over here.. take a look at these photos!

Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010

hello again

Yeeah welcome back on my Blog.. there was alot going on the last week while my German buddy Markus " Hubster" Huber was in the house!
He had to catch the plane already Saturday night after just 10 days.. i was laughing about him before i realized that my trip is over in 12 days aswell! Back to Switzerland with hopefully nice and warm spring conditions. Let the season begin!

10 days with Hubster means 10 days with a well loaded schedule nothing about chilling on the bed between two sessions haha but it was a great week.. In the end of the week we have been at the Supercross BMX Headquarter what reminds me to my new waiting Nicolai frames at home.. have a look to the sick design!

My new bmx RO20 frame and my Helius AC Enduro Bike are ready to rumble!
As soon as i get back i'll take some pictures of the complete bikes
included my new fourcross weapon!

There is a lot of new stuff waiting at home, here an appertizer from the new design of my SRSuntour Axon Fork with the insaine QLoc 15mm system, you want more infos about that? Visit

Back to the last few days.. some funny photos with Hubster in the Wax-Museum in Hollywood and a lot of riding while the weather was perfect with all the girls came out and hanging on the beach... that's how i like to do my sprint session!

Lucky me the following didn't happen in front of them, today during a sprint session i have broken my chain.. twice never seen this before haha, i didn't hurt just fell over the bar.. could have end up way worse!

to check more pictures and short infos during the week.. check my FaceBook Profile ;)!/photo.php?pid=1032295&id=1007910160

And don't forget to come back next week !

Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

living the dream...

After a couple weeks with the windy and rainy weather everything turned good now..

Hubster is here and brought the sun with him yeeeah

A lot of hard gym the last weeks, now the riding part is coming and i'm superpumped to ride in the hot sun haha.. take a look of my dream over hear!

sick car..

And check the video of a local guy at sheep.. you just have to know.. he is doing it for 14 bucks!

i've got some more strange Videos .. next week

come back and check my blog!

Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

after the rain... SUN again

What's up in freezin Europe?

Over here it's nice and sunny again after 1 week of shit weather..
Sheep Hills are flooded but i think they will be rideable after next week! After you'll see this pic you wont believe me but there are a lot of people with a shoufen at the moment!

As you can see it's really bad, but the bmx tracks are open again and training is going forward.. a lot of gym, Javi is laughing about me but i hope he will see why, pretty soon xD It's really cool to live here now!
Just tried out his Kart before in front of the house, crazy machine.. and he's a motorsport freak :D !

Friday evening we had a goKart race with electro ones.. was fun with A.K party guy 2010, Javi, Christian Becerine and five others of this south american connection..

check out the ranking of our race... kicked them in the ass haha Switzerland rules!!

I spend a lot of time between the training sessions at the beach to relax or with my new addict.. "twentyfour" haha I'm a Jack Bauer freak now ;)

Can't wait untill the season begins and i'll get my new bikes from NICOLAI..

See you all at the races..
and soon back on my page!!¨

Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

after two weeks..

Hi guys, nice to have you back on my Blog..

This week was full of riding on the different bmx tracks around Huntington Beach and of course sheep hills.. tha rain came in and i hope the spots are ready to ride again soon!

After my car accident i had to change my nice baby.. the new one is not as nice!! But i can life with it.. take a look ;)

I met Javier Colombo on Bellflower at the Saturday mornig gate-practise, he offered me a room in his new house :) way cheaper then my appartement before! I moved to costa mesa now into his really nice house :)

thats my old place...

check out the new one..

It's fun to life together with a former WORLD Champion ..

stay tuned for next weeks report :D

Montag, 11. Januar 2010

First week California

Hello everybody... after a break the last month. I'm back on my BLOG.

Since one week I'm staying in Huntington Beach CA, one of the best places on earth!
After a couple of problems to rent a car, because I'm not 21 yet, I finally got a nice KIA.
One day later he was not longer the NICE KIA, after a hard impact of a big Pickup witch came out of a parking space backwards.. take a look!

That was just in front of my appartement, a really American Motel with a nice 1 Bed Studio..

Wednesday was the first time i saw the sheep hills trail spot after 2 years, and the spot is awesome.. bigger then ever an great fun to ride!

Pic was done by Adrian Kiener who stays here for 6 months... I'm sure at 5th of March I'll hate him HAHA.. when i have to go back!

Saturday night we have been at the AMA Supercross race, 45'000 spectators in the stadium and a great show from James Stewart and Dungey... we will be there for the next round in LA aswell! Wont miss that!!!

and duudes stay tuned for the next post!!!

Montag, 30. November 2009

E-Bike Video

Hi everybody..

watch the video, click on the link below, from our SRSuntour team meeting.
Just for fun =)

Weather has turned now, snow everywhere and it's really cold.
Time to go to our indoor gate to prepare me for St. Etienne, a traditional bmx indoor in France.

Seey you...

Dienstag, 17. November 2009

fun pics

Hi Guys,

Last week was our SRSuntour team meeting in Freiburg (Ger) with a lot of Party and some filming action on an e-bike! Take a look at RR13 after his injury, a lot of fat burning workout befor next years first WorldCup =)

Next year, i'll ride for the Gates-Nicolai team, SRSuntour Forks and OnzaTires, as you can see, alot of change on this side!
Many thanks to Kraftstoff-Bikes for the good cooperation during the last 3 years!

I had a shoot with Hoshi K. Yoshida cople weeks ago while I was testing a BMXTB bike from Nicolai with a Gates-CarbonDrive Belt instead of a chain.. Photos below.

Sick stuff.. waiting for some more tests!

Today I had a really cool CrossCountry session with Roger around Winterthur, my new Nicolai CC Bike i've just ordered this Sunday... for this session an old Mongoose from my Dad had to be enough =)

A lot of fun in nearly spring temperatures...

Stay tuned

Sonntag, 15. November 2009

Hallo auf meinem BLOG

Dies ist der Start meines Blogs, der euch auf dem laufenden hält!

Zuerst gleich mal einige News was Sponsoren und Rennplan für die Saison 2010 angeht!
Ich werde in der kommenden Saison für das Gates-Nicolai Team starten. Für den besten Grip setze ich auf ONZA Tires und ich werde für das SRSuntour Team unterwegs sein, welches mich mit Federgabeln ausrüstet!

Foto: Hoshi k. Yoshida

Am Dienstag hatte ich mein erstes SRSuntour Teamtreffen in Freiburg, eines kann ich verraten, freut euch auf den Anblick des neun Gabeldesignes fürs nächste Jahr! War eine coole Party mit Roger Rinderknecht, Adrian Kiener, Marius Hoppensack und den anderen die dabei waren!
Danach ging es mit Hoshi Yoshida zu Nicolai hoch in den Norden, eine geile Fabrik mit Familien Flair, ich freue mich auf die Zusammenarbeit und auf meine Bikes fürs nächste Jahr!

2010 könnt Ihr mich an allen BMX Supercross Rennen sowie der BMX WM in Pietermaritzburg sehen.
Im 4cross werde ich mit Ausnahme von Val di Sole dass selbe Programm absolvieren!
Ab Januar bin ich in Californien um meine Saison vorzubereiten.. also checkt wieder fleissig den BLOG für News!